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November 26, 2010 · 4 comments

Disclaimer: Gaiam sent me this product sample to review, however I am under no obligation to do so nor to make the review positive. This review reflects my personal opinion about this product.

Last month I came back from a business trip to find a large package waiting for me, with my children hovering over it just waiting for me to take a look inside. Once I did, I found a veritable cornucopia of workout equipment - the Step360 Deluxe package from Gaiam. We immediately unpacked it, blew up the enclosed fitness ball and the step platform itself (as you will see below this platform actually is made up of two inflatable chambers), and set about trying to figure out how to use the large rubber band with handles that was included.


There was a pile of DVDs and booklets where I am sure there were some instructions but my family (the cats got involved too) is impulsive and we all just started hopping on it, using it as we assumed it was intended to be used, which basically is for step aerobics. It got a little use that night then was put back into our workout room for me to figure out later. The day after Thanksgiving seemed like a great time to start, so this morning I pulled it out, skimmed through the enclosed DVDs and set about to do my first workout.

But before I get to the results of that, let's take a little deeper look into the Step360 program:

What is the Step360?

You may remember The Step Original Health Club Step Aerobic Trainer that was popularized in the early nineties. The Step360 is the next generation of that piece of aerobic equipment, where instead of having a fixed, solid platform like the old days you now have a sturdy platform that sits atop two adjustable air-filled chambers, creating a high-performance cardio step, ab machine, butt and thigh toner, and total body resistance trainer-all in one unique design.

Every time you step on the platform, you engage your entire core and surrounding stabilizing muscles. Add or decrease air to control just how challenging you want your workout to be. To boost your results even more, use the included sculpting cord.

What is included with the Step360 System?

The standard Step360 includes the following:

  • Step360 platform featuring two adjustable air-filled chambers, topped by a sturdy padded platform.
  • Step360 Fast Interval Training - 6 programs on 1 DVD
  • Step360 Sculpting Cord
  • Step360 Weight Loss Success Guide
  • Bonus - Lose a Jeans Size by the weekend - 2 Programs on 1 DVD
  • Bonus - 7-Day Express Guide
  • Bonus - LifeMax Vitamin & Vitality Formula 7 Day Supply
  • Bonus - 30 Days FREE VIP Access to the Step360 Web Club

The Step360 Deluxe package, which is what I received, includes the following additional items:

  • Get On The Ball DVD
  • 360° Challenge DVD
  • Step360 Mat
  • Stability Ball FREE

Everything seemed to be of very good quality.

Buy Step360

What does the Step360 cost?

I'm not sure if this is a special temporary price or not, but it looks like the standard Step360 normally retails for $159.96, however it is available now for $119.97 or 3 easy payments of $39.99. Adding the Deluxe feature is an additional $39.99, and of course there will be shipping and handling charges. One thing to keep in mind is that it isn't immediately obvious how to order the Step360 Deluxe Package - according to the Step360 FAQ you should see this as an option during the purchase process. However, this must be an option presented later in the checkout process because I tried to walk through the purchase process and never saw that option when I got the the page where I had to enter my credit card info - I'm sure it is there, it's just that I didn't see it.

My Experience with the Step360

I put the Step360 through a 20 minute workout this morning and I came away tired, and mostly happy to not have popped the inflatable chambers. But seriously, I'm beat. I started by skimming through the DVDs and enclosed plan booklets just to get a feel for what I may be getting myself into. Like most exercise shows I have seen this one always included someone in the back who was doing what the call "modifications" which is basically a euphemism for "fatties" - so for example when the main person was doing full pushups the person in the back was doing pushups from her knees.

"Pushups," you ask? Well, that surprised me too. When I first started looking at the Step360 I assumed it would be used mainly as a step, and while that surely is how it is primarily used it actually gets used in a multitude of ways. In the workout that I did I found myself stepping up on it like you normally would, but also standing directly on it with both feet and sort of rocking around, using it as a base for lunges, sitting on it, using it for pushups and even lying down on it with my stomach.

I had a very difficult time following along with many of the moves but that is 100% attributable to be own lack of coordination. It's the same reason why I could never properly line dance or pretty much do anything like group aerobic classes. In fact I'm really happy to have been doing this workout in the privacy of my own home!


I think the Step360 would be a great addition to your workout routine, but only if you are comfortable with the idea of adding an instability factor to your workout. I believe that instability does work in your favor when it comes to working your muscles, but it probably isn't for everyone. However, if a guy my size can get through his workout without popping the inflatable chambers or falling off of it, you probably will be ok even if you are a little unsure.

If you are comfortable with an exercise ball, have used step platforms before and want to spend time every day with Jessie Pavelka, then this probably is the system for you.

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sallie November 26, 2010 at 10:05 am

I have heard of this and read that after a couple of times through the dvds you get the hang of it. I love that it is adjustable to your own fitness level. I am ready to get one so I am going to get it this week. Wish me luck

John's Weight Loss Blog November 26, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Check back in when you get it Sallie!

sallie November 26, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Ok i ordered the step360. How is it going.Im excited to get going on mine.

sallie December 11, 2010 at 9:05 pm

ok. it has been 2 weeks since I recived my Step360. I have to say this product is really cool. I am fitter and definetly stronger using it the last 2 weeks. the work outs are very fun and not intimadating at all. it did take two time through befor I got the hang of it. I am totally convinced I made a very good decision getting the delux package. Thank you for your post not sure I would have found it.

In good health

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