Rate My Meals - 2010-11-24

November 24, 2010

I didn’t post my meals yesterday but I did pretty well - a banana and a protein bar for breakfast in the car (hey, beats drive-through), another bento box for lunch and a pre-made salad for dinner. I don’t remember what I had for snacks but it wasn’t bad.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and I’ve been thinking about my strategies for tomorrow, which I recently wrote about in a guest post: 5 Good Choices for Thanksgiving Day. I’ll be cooking some in the morning so I will try to have a good breakfast and eat something good for me before we leave for dinner, plus I plan to drink a lot of water both at home before we go and at my parents, where we are having Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m hoping for small portions so I can have a lot of variety. But in the end, it is only one meal, and I have to remember that - even if something goes horribly awry (it won’t) I need to remember that.

Speaking of remembering, the camera did it for me today:

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Wednesday Meals

On Monday I promised oatmeal instead of a muffin and today I delivered, with a dash of pomegranate arils. Slice of toast with a tablespoon (maybe a smidgen more) of peanut butter.

Lunch was my normal bento box, I didn’t plan well last night so had to wash it out this morning and make the lunch before I went to work. So much better to make it the night before. Don’t forget to put your car keys on top of it in the frig, nothing worse than making a nice lunch and then forgetting it. Car key trick works every time.

Lunch was a little bag of baby carrots, a chilled chicken breast on top a small pile of herb greens, a small side of grilled veggies I bought in the deli, some puffed rice crackers and for dessert some tapioca pudding to which I added some pomegranate arils. I’m not sure I’ll buy arils again once I am through with Thanksgiving (I’m making a brussel sprout side dish that uses them), but for now I am getting good mileage out of them.

For dinner I had a bowl of tomato bisque soup and a salad that was mostly veggies since I used the last of my greens - on top there is an avocado, some baby tomatoes, baby portobello mushrooms, baby carrots, just a few little pita chips, salt, pepper and a little splash of balsamic vinegar. No oil. Apple for dessert.

It’s 7:00 as I write this so of course it is possible I am not done eating for today, but that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this post. I can’t very well eat after I’ve written all this, can I?

No, I didn’t think so.

(Words in italics was how I closed my post on Monday and it worked, so I am trying it again. Especially since here it is 7:00pm again).

So how do you think I did? Click a star!

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