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November 6, 2010 · 2 comments

Mise en Place

Managed to sleep in a little bit today which felt good, but I’m still dogging it health wise. Writing this at night after getting back from watching our high school girl’s volleyball team win their sectional championship 3 games to 2 after falling behind 2 games to 1 so that was pretty exciting. But now as I’m thinking about bed I’m starting to cough again, which is no fun.

But the morning started off pretty well as I made a nice omelet which I decided I’d document a little deeper than normal here. Since I had more time today with it being a Saturday I spent a little more time than normal on this.

So from my mise en place you will see starting in the upper left corner, a small glass bowl with sliced baby tomatoes. I’ve got the set of these little 6.5 ounce bowls and they are great for putting together prepped items like this. Next is a small amount of pre-made guacamole that comes in these little 100 calorie packs that we like to pack with lunches. I love the little metal dishes I use for these and the next few ingredients but I don’t know what to call them and can’t find them on Amazon to link to. But they work great for organizing small prepped items.

Next is a couple of slices of onions diced, then a single slice of bacon diced up. The dollop of butter is for the omelet itself, which is 3 eggs and a splash of milk which is in the middle, presented in a glass bowl from my set of nested glass bowls, which is another kitchen favorite. Sea salt, black pepper and dried basil make up the prep.


The first four ingredients will be sauteed up in a separate pan along with the basil, salt and pepper while in a separate omelet pan I have the butter to which will be added the stirred up egg and milk combo, along with salt and pepper. I let the bacon render it’s fat a little before adding the onions, and then after the onions become translucent I added the tomatoes and basil and let them cook down a little bit. Just as the omelet was ready I added the guacamole to the saute pan, mixed it around a bit and then slid everything onto the omelet which I then folded on to a plate. One slice of dried toast, some mandarin oranges and a small glass of spicy v8 to complete the breakfast.

I know I’d eat it again.

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Cynthia November 6, 2010 at 10:33 pm

You seem to be doing GREAT with your meals lately! Keep it up! I haven’t made an omelet in a while, but used to do them all the time. May have to consider that for breakfast tomorrow!

Julie Lost and Found November 7, 2010 at 8:51 am

That looks sooo good! especially from one who hasn’t had breakfast today. I’m going to bookmark it and try it.

My fridge died so I have no eggs right now. :( two more days!

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