How to Recover from a Binge

November 2, 2010 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Joe Johnson.

Halloween has just passed and many of us were no doubt guilty of indulging in anything from bag-fulls of candy to second and third helpings of pumpkin pie over the weekend. We all deserve a treat after the weeks of hard training we put in right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with gorging on the most sinful of snacks now and again but the occasional treat can so often turn into a week long binge that is nigh on impossible to get out of again.

It’s a problem commonly associated with this time of year, cold weather and dark nights encourage us to stay indoors rather than getting off of our butts and being active. The problem is that being indoors leads us into temptation, after all what goes better with your favorite TV show than a bag of chips? If you are in this post Halloween/ Winter ‘idle’ mode then you need to snap out of it as soon as possible. The longer you avoid exercise the worse it can get, here are some tips for maintaining your focus through the holiday season:

Have Goals: Everyone who trains should be working towards a goal, especially in these testing times. If you don’t already have one, stick a picture of what you want to look like or the weight you want to be within a given time frame on the fridge. This way, every time you reach for a treat you will be reminded that it’s hampering your progress.

Know When to Stop: As mentioned, a treat every now and again is fine, if you train hard you may even let yourself go for a whole day every week, just make sure you know how much you are allowed to cheat and then get back on the diet immediately.

Get in the Zone: De-motivation breeds complacency. You need to be in the right mindset to attack your training program effectively. When you get in from work, do your stretches, prepare your pre-workout meal and get your gym gear on. By doing this you are already halfway there and will be less likely to forgo another training session.

Plan Ahead: You must plan out your nutrition at least one day in advance. If you do this you will take your meals with you and remain satiated all the time, if not you are more likely to reach for a slice of aunt Mary’s Cherry cheesecake and get back on that road to ruin!

Re-think your Program: If it is your program that isn’t working for you, re-evaluate it. If you physically cannot make it to the gym due to bad weather, work out at home. It’s not ideal but its better than watching House and eating Doritos all night.

Heed these tips and you will be able to navigate the holiday season without the addition of a few extra chins!

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Alex "Dude Where's My Muscle" Siddy November 2, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Some great tips! Halloween is not huge in Australia where I am from, but I must admit that I did go to a few Halloween parties and reached for a few sweets. But like you said, by staying focused on your goal and what you want to achieve, definitely helps me in slapping my hand if I start to over indulge (which is rare).

I still do have one cheat day a week were I can be a bit more flexible but this still does not mean I can eat whatever I want and big portions. Set the goal, stay focused, add in a pinch of discipline and everything works out awesome for me in the short and long term.

Keep up the great posts a-rolling!

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