Bento Box Lunch

November 1, 2010

Almost one full day into November and I would say the month is off to a pretty good start. I managed to stay away from the house on Halloween last night, and I’ve avoided the leftover Halloween candy we still have left. We gave away full-sized candy bars except to the kids who pulled up in vans, they still got the small stuff. I did get busted for passing a counterfeit $100 bill at a casino, but that’s a story for another blog…

This Saturday I read a post called Happy Halloween Bento that got me thinking about a couple of things - wouldn’t it be fun to make up some ghoulish Halloween treats and boy, I really should put that new bento box to use.

So Saturday night I tried a couple of recipes from that post. First, I made the deviled egg spiders. They were actually pretty good, I don’t think I’ve ever had black olives and deviled eggs together but it was a decent pairing. Unfortunately nobody else in my family had any interest in trying them so I had a couple that night and then the rest (I only made 3 eggs) on Halloween morning. My mother-in-law ate one too. The severed fingers worked out better, I didn’t have the little smoky weanies but used an Angus beef hotdog cut in half instead. I happened to have a mini red pepper that was starting to get old, so that worked great for the fingers and for the blood I used a packet of BBQ sauce I had left from Famous Dave’s BBQ. Amy did try one of those, although she thought the blood was too spicy.

Bento Box Lunch

So I never actually made any more of these Halloween treats, just was testing out the recipes. Who knows, perhaps I will pull them out again someday if we ever throw a Halloween party.

Yesterday I made slow roasted pork butt and I also poached some chicken breasts that I then chilled. For lunch today I made up the following bento box: fresh herb salad topped with a sliced chilled poached chicken breast, a small container of ranch dressing, some roasted veggies, cheddar cheese rice crackers, yogurt and tapioca pudding for dessert. I have no idea how many calories all that adds up to but what I do know is that those bento boxes are great for portion control. And after eating lunch I felt satisfied, which is good.

For breakfast I had a banana nut muffin and for dinner I had some leftover pork butt that I shredded and mixed with some BBQ sauce, then put over some spaghetti noodles the rest of the family had eaten. Had a small piece of garlic bread. For dessert I had a bowl of red grapes.

It’s National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I’m going to attempt to write every day this month. Hopefully I’ll be writing about how good I am being. Good luck to me!

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