4 Tricks for Halloween Treats

October 28, 2010 · 6 comments

Halloween Candy

Halloween is coming up in a few days and for many of us this signals the beginning of what can be a disastrous time for our weight loss plans. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years - it seems like there are just so many excuses to over-indulge during the next few months.

I always enjoyed Halloween as a kid and now as a parent I enjoy it doubly so. Not just for the candy of course - Halloween is a reminder of Fall and the upcoming Winter (here in Minnesota we often get snow before Halloween but knock on wood not this year), a chance to see the creativity of neighbors coming out with awesome spooky displays and of course a chance to maybe even walk around with your kids. At least until they turn 12 or so.

But despite my enjoyment of Halloween it really does make for some weight loss and dieting challenges. Looking for some ideas for how to get through this Halloween? Here are 4 Tricks for Halloween Treats:

  1. Don’t participate - OK so this probably isn’t a reasonable option but it serves as a reminder that just because there is cultural if not community pressure to participate in Halloween there is no reason you have to if you know that buying bags of candy is going to be a problem for you. Plan to go see a movie with the family, visit a local haunted house, do anything other than staying at home handy candy out to strangers. Sometimes the easiest way to be strong is to go away.
  2. Put the candy bowl outside - The bane of the dieter is leftover Halloween candy. It sits there in your candy bowl just beckoning you to take one or two little pieces. The problem is those one or two little pieces turn into five or six and suddenly you are doing some serious damage to your diet. So if you must participate in Halloween plan to do so with having no leftovers. How to do that? Buy all the candy you think you need, put it in a big bowl and instead of having that bowl inside the house put it outside on your porch with a sign for the kids to take “1 or 2″ pieces. One way or another you probably won’t have any leftovers to worry about. Of course you may only have made one kid really happy but that is a risk us dieters have to take.
  3. Hallowen Candy
  4. Hand out large candy bars - It probably seems counter-intuitive that handing out large candy bars rather than the traditional mini bite-size morsels would help you on your diet but I think it is much more likely you will be able to contain yourself from eating candy if the leftovers are huge bars rather than the normal innocuous little pieces. We’ll see - this year for the first time we will be handing out normal size candy bars. Not only should this make it easier for me to not nibble but it also makes it very likely there will be no leftovers as word spreads throughout the neighbor that our house is the place to visit.
  5. Throw the leftovers away - This little trick is probably the hardest of the bunch because nobody likes to throw anything away, especially chocolate. But if you have decided that you want to participate in Halloween you must have a plan to deal with possible leftovers and despite your good intentions, establishing a plan to eat “just one small piece” every day just won’t cut it. At some point you will break down. So if you must participate do so with the plan of throwing away any leftovers you have. In fact you should be sure to have a similar plan for any new candy your children bring home. Let them munch on it for a few days but set the expectation with them that there is a statute of limitations on their candy as well.

Halloween is a fun time year but it can be troublesome for dieters. Use one or more of these tricks to help you get through it.

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Cynthia October 28, 2010 at 11:12 am

I don’t know if the large bar trick would work with me or not… but it could. However, we get so few trick or treaters up on our hill that hubby and I have more or less given up on it. The couple of times I tried, I gave MASSIVE handfuls (yes, several, to each kid) of candy out and we still had plenty left over. I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it away, so I also put big baggies full of it in the mailbox for the mailperson and in the newspaper box for the paper boy. And a lot still went down the hatch.

These days, I am more likely to just go to the gym and turn our porch light off. And as much as I like the look of peppermint candy canes on the tree at Christmas, I’ve ceased to decorate with those.

John's Weight Loss Blog October 28, 2010 at 7:08 pm

That’s one of my concerns with going with the large bars - I think I’ll be much less likely to be easily able to throw them away if we have leftovers. Hopefully my wife planned well!

Greg October 29, 2010 at 5:42 am

There’s a house we often visit during Halloween treating where the people give out drinks like bottled water and juice. Its a wonderful idea and helps relieve some of this problem…

John's Weight Loss Blog October 29, 2010 at 5:46 am

Someone my kids visited last year gave out cans of pop - I thought it was a missed opportunity, if you choose to give something other than candy why still give sugar-laden pop, why not go the water or juice route? I don’t know if my kids would appreciate plain water, but I know they would enjoy a Sobe water.

Greg October 29, 2010 at 6:08 am

Normally, my kids wouldn’t, but I can honestly say that after a few hours tromping around under those costumes, they’re grateful for anything to drink!

Cynthia October 31, 2010 at 4:42 pm

Well, good luck with the large candy bar giveout tonight! If it looks like you are going to be left with too many, start giving out multiples to the last trick or treaters. Otherwise, maybe try the postman and newspaper boy giveaway tricks.

Our town held a trick or treat event on Friday… before dark even. I don’t expect much for action in the neighborhood tonight. We’ll keep the porch light off and hunker down with the TV, LOL! Last thing either of us need is candy, we had a fancy anniversary dinner this week and are not sure we’ll have any weight loss to report tomorrow.

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