7 Workouts That Make You Forget You’re Working Out

October 27, 2010 · 2 comments

This is a guest post by Helen Greer.

Some days, even looking at a barbell or treadmill sucks the joy out of life. These activities are for those days.

Green is the new black, apparently, and it’s time to dust off your old ten-speed in favor of your car. Enjoy the breeze, wear a helmet, and relish in the fact that you won’t be paying for the gas on this trip to the grocery store.

Walk the Dog
Take the dog for a walk. Take it for a run, if you can. Most breeds are natural athletes and they should be getting two hour-long walks a day, anyway. You’ll have yourself a much better-behaved dog as well as a healthier heart. If taking the dog out is inconvenient for whatever reason, try giving it a bath. It will probably burn as many calories.

Do Chores
Autumn has put leaves on your lawn. This is an exercise opportunity you’ve been missing. Rake the leaves, trim the trees, and try your hand at gardening. Squatting for even a few consecutive minutes can be a welcome challenge. You can also get on your hands and knees and clean up the kitchen or bathroom floor or the shower. Housework burns a surprising number of calories, and seeing all that you’ve accomplished in one day is a nice ego boost.

Master the Stairs
Use the stairs, if you’re able, instead of using the elevator. True, you don’t want to break a sweat on the way to work, but you won’t get fit without sweating. Besides, using the elevator less means that your carbon footprint will be smaller, too.

Round up your friends for a game of basketball, soccer, or something active to wind down after work or to prepare for the weekend. Nobody is ever too old to play that kind of game.

Try Something New
Try your hand at a new or exotic sport. Paintball has been since the ‘80s a niche but rising interest. While it costs a little money to rent a paintball marker and mask and to purchase paint, the fun you’ll have in the woods and behind huge bunkers will make you feel like you’re twelve again.

Play Video Games
Hog your kids’ Nintendo video game console. There are new games like Wii Sports and Wii Fitness that can sense your body movements in three dimensions while you mimic the real motions of playing tennis, baseball, and more in front of the TV. This is especially helpful on rainy days which, until now, have been an excuse to curl up on the couch.

So if you are in a rut get off that treadmill and some of these easy workouts.

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Jon Luciano October 27, 2010 at 9:54 am

This is a great post. This topic is relevant to anyone who is just beginning on a weight loss journey. Many of the people I talk to who have recently given up on working out and losing weight tell me because they have no motivation to go to the gym or that they don’t know what to do at the gym. There are more ways to stay active and lose weight than just going to the gym. These are 7 great ways!

Cynthia October 27, 2010 at 11:33 am

All true… and don’t remind me. I need to get on my hands and knees and do the bathroom floor, today, LOL!

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