How Can Trampolines Help Burn Body Fat?

October 16, 2010

This is a guest post by Joe Johnson.

There are a multitude of gimmicky fitness gadgets out there, you know they type, often advertised on some late night infomercial by a grinning orange yank, they promise to ‘get you ripped in 10 days’ or loose ’10 pounds of fat in week’. Some of us are smart enough to realize that these claims are far too good to be true on the strength of the product alone and appreciate that these changes could only take place within the context of a near perfect training and nutrition regime. So why do they sell so strongly? Many people looking to loose weight, improve fitness or ‘tone up’ lack knowledge about how the body works and will turn to any quick fix they see in desperation.

The unfortunate truth is that no amount of money spent on expensive flashy gadgets will ever be a substitute for good old fashioned hard work, Take electronic ab toners for example, these have been around for years but I’ll bet my bottom dollar they’ve never been use by anyone for more than a couple of weeks at most. The holy grail for any is the ‘six pack’ abs, while abdominal exercisers and stimulators will help achieve this, if one’s body fat is too high, the muscle will never be visible.

This is where aerobic, cardiovascular work comes in, forcing your body into a state of oxygen debt, where you are sweating and breathing heavily is the only way to drop unwanted body fat. There are multitude of ways to reach this state, running is perhaps the most simple and popular activity to facilitate fat loss because anyone can do it, it’s simple and very cheap. Of course running can be dull, particularly if you are doing it solo, this is where other forms of cardio come in like skipping or cycling.

One activity many don’t associate with fat loss or fitness is trampolining. On the contrary, trampolining can be an excellent tool in your fat loss arsenal if used correctly. All it takes a small-diameter trampoline placed anywhere in the house, garage or garden and you are away. The continual extension and flexion (bending and straightening) of the leg at the knee joint works the large muscles of the legs and provides a considerable stress on the heart and lungs providing a great workout. It also holds an advantage over running in that it is low impact (there is no shock going through the joint that occurs when your foot hits a flat surface). Trampolines are great fun a legitimate fat loss tool.

Do you use a trampoline for fun, exercise or both?

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