The role of hormones in weight loss and muscle building

September 17, 2010 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Rose Shapas.

A lot of people cannot make the linkage between weight loss and muscle building with the hormones in the body. There is, however, a significant relationship between the two that should be understood to better able to organize your workout programs and routines. Although you may be familiar with most of the benefits of exercise, you probably won’t know that exercise is the greatest natural growth hormone stimulator.

This means that exercise will build your muscles and help them to grow. It will burn excessive fat from the body and it is a great anti-aging force but exercise does not reap all these benefits all by itself. Many people train and exercise for months or even years without any noticeable results and this is because exercise is not increasing the growth hormones in their body.

As we grow older, our bodies produce less and less of the human growth hormones and therefore, we can lose muscles, energy, and our fat level can increase leading to a greater risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. So basically, all of us who need to train or lose some weight need appropriate levels of these Human Growth Hormones. We can, however, control these growth hormones in our body and help them benefit our exercise and training sessions by taking a few simple steps:

  1. Cholesterol is one of the main items from which our body can make growth stimulating hormones and so, we need to incorporate dietary cholesterol in our diet. This means that people who have no fat consumption in their diet should take some level of low cholesterol. Eggs are a good source for this so try to incorporate eggs in your diet.
  2. Sunlight is not just good for body tanning but for the health of the body as well; this means that sunlight is a form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is converted to hormones which can increase the levels of calcium absorption and sunlight is also good for your bones as it prevents osteoporosis. Not only this, sunlight can act as an anti-depressant for the brain which can improve your sleep quality, both of which are important for your physical training. So make sure you get an adequate amount of sunlight each day without getting sun burnt.
  3. We all start to sleep poorly as we grow older and that is why the growth of hormones in our body starts to decrease. The stage of sleep called Deep Sleep is the part where the growth hormones are more likely to be secreted and so by forming a sleeping pattern that can get us the most amount of rest; we can increase our chances of getting some good growth hormones in our body.
  4. Make sure you include other dietary components which are good for your bones and muscles; these include carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and very importantly, protein. Protein can be consumed in the form of protein powder or proteinpulver which is very good to increase the energy levels of your body and increase the intensity of your training sessions. Protein also helps in muscle growth and repair, leading to a toned body.

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Rose September 17, 2010 at 4:28 am

Thank you John for including the article.

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