6 Health Problems Associated With Money

July 11, 2010 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Andrew Salmon.

Money may make the world go round but it will also kill you if you’re not careful. Bills, mortgages, debts… these are the things money protects us against and our pursuit of the all-mighty dollar can keep us healthy and active. However, when fate or bad luck steps in and money doesn’t seem quite so readily available, we can become obsessed with the fear of never having enough to get by. This fear can take a terrible toll on our bodies.

Here are six health problems associated with money:

  1. Stress

    No surprise here. In fact, one could make the claim that the word ‘money’ could easily be replaced with the word ‘stress’ as the two often go hand-in-hand. Money worries cause stress. Stress affects us mentally and physically, putting us on edge while planting the seed for heart and cardiovascular problems down the road.

  2. Addiction

    Robin Williams once said: “cocaine is God's way of telling you, you're making too much money” and truer words were never spoken. I don’t have to go into the dangers of the multitude of narcotics only money can buy and everyone knows these addictions could cost you your life. If you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket, give it to charity and forego the conspicuous consumption.

  3. Depression

    Often born out of feelings of helplessness, being broke or living below the poverty line can make us depressed. In the case of the latter, helpful drugs are beyond one’s monetary grasp which can lead to hopelessness. Keeping money in its proper perspective is essential in keeping balance in our lives.

  4. Obesity

    The other side of the coin here, having too much money often means living large - sometimes too large. Rich, fattening food at the finest restaurants over time can have us carrying our wealth around on our waists and not in a money belt. Like addiction, this can become a form of conspicuous consumption where we wear that spare tire like a badge of honor to show the world that we never go hungry.

  5. Exhaustion

    The hunt for money can become an obsession in itself. Whether it is out of necessity, greed or some psychological fear, chasing a dollar at the expense of proper rest and recreation can burn us out. Exhaustion, both mental and physical, can be debilitating and tough to bounce back from.

    It’s important to remember that money doesn’t buy happiness.

  6. Shorter Lifespan

    Fixating on money can make you a workaholic and you’ll miss out on the restorative benefits of a vacation or indulging in hobbies. These are components of a healthy, well-balanced life. Turning away from these essential ingredients to our well-being will shave years off our lives. Chase a buck to the exclusion of all else and you won’t be chasing long. Just make sure you’ve set aside enough to cover your funeral expenses.

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James Mann July 17, 2010 at 7:07 am

Well I would have to say that I have been afflicted by most of the above items. Well maybe all of them. I was thinking I didn’t have an addiction problem but when I finally faced the truth I had to admit I was definitely a workaholic and that almost ended a 20 year marriage.

I worked from the time I got up until I passed out late at night and ate a lot while I worked which put me 80 pounds over my ideal body weight.

Definitely a lot of stress which made me completely exhausted most of the time. Eventually I had a heart attack that nearly killed me and left me with heart damage that couldn’t be fixed.

That put a lot of stress on my wife and son.

I now take meds to stay alive, walk 40 minutes daily if I can but it was a wake up call and I am far less stressed now. I also work from home and I don’t work all the time like I did.

I have lost 60 of the 80 pounds but I’m having a bit of trouble getting rid of that last 15 or 20 pounds. I am eating much better, healthier now, and dropping most of the sugar in my diet.

The sad thing is that I caused all this myself, just to try and make ends meet.

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