Get in Shape for Your Wedding

April 11, 2010 · 1 comment

This is a guest post by Sarah Harris.

Any and all brides want to look their best. Scratch that. They want to look spectacular for their big day. What can you do to accomplish that? The most important advice is to plan. Plan out your diet and workouts. You need to maximize your benefits, but remember to check yourself regularly so that you’re not overdoing it and compromising your body in the meantime.

When creating your plan, figure out what your most important components are. Do you want to lose weight overall or just tone some problem areas? Remember two things: Healthy and Variety. You want a healthy eating plan, not a crash diet. You want variety in your workout plan so you don’t burnout. You’ve got a lot of stress in your life already from planning a wedding, so you need the energy and stamina that comes from a healthy plan.

Assess where you are and how much time you have. Be realistic about your starting point, and go from there. NO ONE can perfect their body in two weeks. Look at the time you have, and be realistic. The last thing you want is fad crash dieting, that’s a recipe for looking your worst. With a healthy diet and exercise routine you can lose one to two pounds a week. So start counting back on the calendar to see how much time you need.

What are your options in getting fit? One great option is a personal trainer. You have an end date in mind, and the personal trainer can help you determine your realistic results, help you plan your attack, and push you a little further than you would go on your own. In addition, since it’s a pricier alternative, your motivation will be monetary as well.

Pilates is a great option. Combining flexibility and strength with cardiovascular exercise and resistance, you get an all over workout with the added benefits of toning. Pilates is a great stress reliever as well, which is something a bride needs a lot of. It’s also flexible in that there are a ton of DVDs to do it yourself, or you can go to a studio to get some professional Pilates workouts.

Yoga is another option. It can help you tone up and calm down all at once. Using controlled breathing, moving your body, and meditation in yoga a couple times a week can benefit your overall routine, your overall health and your overall sanity.
The bottom line is while you want to look fabulous in your dress, the best way to do that is by being healthy in your choices. Be steady. Be committed. By the time your big wedding day comes, you’ll look absolutely stunning.

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Greg April 11, 2010 at 6:55 am

My wife and I both gained weight in the weeks leading up to our wedding. Stress, late nights planning the event, and all the hoop-la that goes with the BIG DAY. Sad, I know, but true…

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