Rate my Meals - Last Three Days

February 27, 2010

I’ve done an OK job of taking pictures of my meals the last couple of days, although you will see that I’ll start good in the morning and then not so good by the evening. I also tended to not get some captures of some of the snacking I did, even though for the post part it was pretty healthy. Part of the problem is that I’ve been really busy, and part of the problem is that I’m starting to not feel well. I’ve got a hugely busy March and April and I can’t afford to be sick right now, so I’m trying to drink lots of fluids to keep the illness at bay.

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Here are my breakfasts for Wed, Thu and Fri:


I was actually going to have oatmeal on the third day as well (which was actually Thursday as the pictures are out of order) but there was a story in the paper on using avocados for things other than guacamole and I had one avocado left so I figured I would have that for breakfast. So I sliced it up, served it over toasted dry english bread with a couple of peppery fried eggs and a couple of pineapple wedges. I think this was my favorite breakfast of the week. I love cool, creamy avocados with any sort of cooked eggs. I still have yogurt left but for some reason I chose not to have any for breakfast. I do think I am going to reduce the amount of blueberries that I have been adding to my oatmeal - too many and my oatmeal actually gets cool.

Three pretty good lunches in my opinion:


One day was a turkey wrap and side salad - the wrap itself was mostly veggies too as you can probably see. Another was a salad bar where I had mostly greens - with a small amount of pasta salad and some pickled beets for variety. And then a turkey subway sub with none of the bad stuff like cheese, oil or mayo.

I only snapped one of my dinners - other than this one one night I had leftovers, a half a chicken wrap and a couple of chicken tenders from Buffalo Wild Wings (more benefits to me of my wife only eating half her lunch), and then the other night I really can’t remember what I had. That’s why it is important to keep going with this because it is too easy to totally forget and the next thing you know I am back to eating thousands of calories at each meal.


This night I had dinner with my family (sadly, an unusual event with all of our schedules) and my wife made spanish rice. I had some of that, a ciabatta roll, an avacado (wish I had removed that bad spot before I took the picture), a couple of wedges of pineapple and for dessert a girl scout cookie courtesy of my daughter, the girl scout. If you look closely at the picture you may see the ghost image of her hand as she wasn’t letting me take a good picture. Oh, and a Two Hearted Ale, one of my favorite beers. 7% alcohol content though so 1 is more than enough.

I did a pretty good job with the water each day although I definitely could have snacked more on fruits and vegetables. I had some radishes and some pineapple I didn’t show but for the most part I didn’t snack too much.

So how do you think I did? Click a star!

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