Rate my Meals - 2010-02-16

February 17, 2010

Another day where I was out of town but then had a long drive home, hence the morning breakfast in the hotel that was decent since I planned for it by buying groceries, and a later night sandwich at the drive-through at McDonald's. I still feel good about my lunch meals at Subway, despite everyone warning me about all the salt (seriously, when I get to the point where salt is my biggest diet problem I'll be at a good place!), but I am starting to question the McDonald's visits even though I have been going a pretty health route. That is, when they give you the right sandwich that you ordered!

Here's the damage for Tuesday:

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Like yesterday's meal breakfast was instant Quaker oatmeal, Raisin, Date and Walnut flavor, with a splash of skim milk and a handful of blueberries. I used a whole container of blueberries over my two breakfasts on this trip and I think it was more than I normally would go with, but I needed to use them up and it seems like these little guys are pretty good for you. I think, remember I'm no doctor. A banana and a yogurt rounded out the meal.

Morning snack was finishing off the small bag of baby carrots that I had. I found snacking on vegetables in the morning didn't really work for me as I was still hungry. I think I'm going to stay with bananas in the morning if I can. As it was I had one of those too, just had it later in the afternoon.

Lunch was my Subway standby of late, a 12" turkey on wheat – just mustard, vinegar, lettuce, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, salt and pepper. Side of apples instead of the chips.

For dinner when I was in the drive-through I was contemplating getting the meal which includes fries but instead of doing that I went with the Grilled Chicken Club instead of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Asked for no mayo and they delivered, however as you can see by the box I got the crispy chicken club instead of the grilled chicken sandwich. I noticed it right when I took the picture but didn't feel like going back to fix. I checked this morning on Daily Plate and see that was a 90 calorie difference, which isn't huge. 620 calories instead of 530.

The office where I was in doesn't have bottled water in the machines and only has a simple water fountain. I really need to invest in a good water bottle I can carry around with me if I am going to get enough water, which I didn't today.

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Seth February 17, 2010 at 9:15 am

Water Bottles are life savers! :)

Greg February 17, 2010 at 12:40 pm

You seem to be a bit light on the protein and I didn't do all the calorie calculation but it looks not too bad. Personally I would find this much food not enough volume and I'd have to augment with vegetables.

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