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February 8, 2010 · 3 comments

I’m feeling pretty good about how the last couple of days have gone with journaling and photographing my food, and now I can be positive about a third day in a row of following this plan. With today being a work day I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to keep my weekend momentum going but I really didn’t have any problems, except for when I got home when I was just famished and needed some energy before snowblowing 4-5 inches of snow from our driveway.

A little more than I have eaten the last couple of days, but still within my target calorie zone (I’m shooting for 2250 per day to allow for a steady weight loss at my current weight) with a total of 2,227 calories.

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Food pictures

For breakfast I had a couple of over-easy eggs (cooked in butter, and yes I remember to include this in the calorie count - easy to forget!) on dry english muffin bread, a small ramekin of pineapple, a 100 calorie yogurt and a banana.

I didn’t get a chance to have a morning snack, first because I was very busy and second, because I didn’t pack anything anyway. My bad. Lunch was a foot long turkey sandwich at Subway, with only lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, vinegar and salt and pepper. No mayo, no oil, no cheese. All in all a pretty healthy sandwich - way better than the Subway Tuna Sandwich I’ve been known to eat. I also had apple slices instead of chips.

Again, I was very busy in the afternoon and didn’t pack a snack anyway, so I didn’t get to eat anything else until I got home from work, and I really needed something before starting in on the driveway so I had a cup of pineapple and a protein bar. That got me through to dinner.

For dinner I had a can of Progresso Split Pea Soup (300 total calories, a little richer than my normal fare but I felt like I needed it after working outside), served with a squirt of Sriracha, a piece of english muffin bread covered with a whole avocado (whoops, I forgot how many calories avocados have - another 300 or so!), a handful of chips and some radishes. For dessert I had a couple of Crystal Light Frozen pops (still working my way through the great product sample pack I got from them).

Just 1 piece of gum and not enough water as I was too busy (I know, I know…)

So how do you think I did?

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Greg February 9, 2010 at 6:59 am

Looks pretty healthy. Can’t help but wonder how much sodium was in the soup. Canned soups are pretty notorious for that.

You’re right about the Subway tuna sandwich. It’s a heart attack on bread…

1660mg in the soup, 1900mg in the turkey sub. 189% of recomended sodium for the day so you are right - a little salty.

AndrewENZ February 9, 2010 at 11:41 am

More vegetables! :) I think this will be my standard comment.

Damn, you aren’t gonna like tonight’s post then… Watch for a big veggie day coming soon!

Seth February 9, 2010 at 2:01 pm

You meals looked pretty good today! If I had to change a few things, they’d be like this.

1. Throw some more veggies on that sandwich, (spinach, lettuce, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, black olives, tomatoes, etc.).
2. Fruit is good — (remember though that fruit has a lot of natural sugar)
3. Try the oven roasted chicken or veggie sub instead.
— Either way we look at it…the sodium content in the meat from Subway will have a higher content.
— I get the oven roasted chicken salad. everything without the bread and i load up on veggies…they try to be skimpy but i make them load it up!
4. Your sodium level was probably pretty high today w/the sandwich, soup, and packaged items.
5. And as always……more water :)

Good job following your plan and taking the pics….maybe that is something I should do…hmmm.

Good ideas Seth and good call on the sodium, you nailed that.

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