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Bye-Bye Big Guy’s Lucky 7 Holiday Party Eating Tips

December 17, 2009 · 2 comments

This is a guest post by Freddy McCloud from Bye Bye Big Guy.

Are you dreading the holiday season because of all the fattening treats that will be lurking at those holiday parties? Are you worried that those months of hard work will be sabotaged in just a few short weeks, as the shortbread cookies and eggnog litter the break rooms and kitchens this holiday season? Well not to worry, we here at have got you covered. Below are 7 sure fire ways to ensure that you avoid the holiday pounds and not look like a heel while doing so. We have provided some tactful ways to avoid overeating even if your host insists you eat something.

  1. Holiday tip number one - eat before you attend the party. If you’re full already the chance of you over eating aren’t as great. Have a light snack right before or munch on something on the way to the venue.
  2. Earn it! If you know a holiday is coming make sure you are doing the work prior to the event, to be able to afford one bad day. And workout the day after as you would if it wasn’t a holiday - heck you should train even HARDER!
  3. Eat the good stuff! At every party there is something that is better than something else. Instead of reaching for that piece of cake opt for the deviled eggs. Instead of that hand full of candy opt for a hand full of nuts.
  4. If alcohol is the problem, voluntary to be the designated driver. Nobody can get upset if you don’t drink because you’re the designated driver. So be the responsible one!
  5. Plan! Make a plan, know who you’re going with, what that atmosphere will be like, and if you can find out know what is on the menu. This way you can mentally prepare yourself for the temptations that you are facing.
  6. Practice moderation. Pick the one thing you want the most and have it! If you practice moderation you can have the food you crave and not go too far of your diet.
  7. If you are the one hosting the party try low fat or low sugar recipes. If you’re attending a party suggests low ft recipes to the host or offer to bring a dish. Who knows the sugar-free potato pie might be the big hit of the party.

Bonus: If your host still insists that you eat something, take the food home. Give to someone who will enjoy the food. You can even give it to a homeless person, or the dog or cat. Worst case scenario you throw it away. But you won’t offend your host and you won’t eat junk! I think these tips will help you have a fun holiday season without too much guilt. These tips aren’t just for the holiday either they can be applied to any situation where party food or junk food might be the main course. The most important thing to remember is even if you do “fall off the wagon” pick yourself right back up and get right back on track. I firmly believe in the 80/20 rule, if you’re good 80 percent of the time you will be successful at achieving your weight-loss.

Good luck in your journey and we are here to support you.

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Keith @ My Body Fat December 17, 2009 at 11:07 am

Excellent tips to reduce your risk of putting on weight over the christmas period Freddy.
This is the way I do things and it does seem to be working, if I’ve got a big night out planned I try to work out the amount of calories that I’m going to consume throughout the night. Lets say it 1500 calories, at the moment I’m eating 6 meals a day. Instead of skipping meals I eat slightly less at each meal and throw in an extra 20 minute high intensity interval training workout a few hours before I go out.
By doing this I am making sure that my metabolism is elevated enough to help burn off the excess calories that I’m going to consume through the night. I think to succeed at fat loss, you need to make sacrifices but if you stop eating and doing the things that you enjoy you will quickly return to your old ways of eating.
Its all in the planning and getting your metabolism running fast and burning off though calories.

Freddy@byebyebigguy December 17, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Hey Keith, great tip and your right if you do the extra work to compensate for the extra calories you should be just fine! I also agree that must find ways to fit things like parties in to your lifestyle or you will be frustrated and return to poor health habits.

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