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The Importance of Mindset in Losing Weight

December 16, 2009 · 2 comments

This is a guest post by Michael Berton from SubliminalWeightPro™.

A proper and positive mindset is essential to almost all endeavors - and any professional athlete or businessman will agree. However, in diets and weight loss it is even more crucial - even all the knowledge about weight loss and workouts is useless without the proper mindset and attitude.

Most people focus more on the physical aspect of losing weight - exercise, proper eating and a balanced diet and they underestimate the need for a strong mindset. A proper attitude is not an extra but a crucial part, as it gives you great motivation, commitment and helps you achieve your goals of losing weight.

Losing weight is not easy. When sticking to a diet we are faced with constant temptations and distractions that have the potential of blocking us from achieving our goals and make ourselves healthier. A proper mindset makes this process easier and strengthens your self-discipline, and positive beliefs. It can also make the process fun and enjoyable, rather than hard and painful.

How to create a positive mindset? Start by setting a goal. Decide that in X months, you will weigh Y pounds. Your goal has to be set in a positive form (“I weigh 140 pounds” rather than “I am not over 140 pounds”), and to be specific. Specify an exact weight you wish to get to, and when you will reach this weight. Share your goals with your friends - this will make you committed to achieving it.

After settings goals, one needs to create a plan - a daily or weekly routine of actions designed to push towards ones goals. Another crucial part is building and maintaining new habits - both eating and exercising - and destroying the bad habits which are negative for our body and self-esteem. This is done by closely monitoring one’s actions, identifying the habits which are not helpful and replacing them by good and healthy habits. First, it will be through conscious effort but after a while the new habits will become a integral part of ones behavior.

An important aspect of a strong mindset is proper associations. Usually, people attempting diets are treating it as a burden rather than a enjoyable journey to making themselves healthier. By changing the feelings that are associated to the process of losing weight, we can make it an enjoyable and easy task. A trick you can do at home, to create positive associations is to think of all the positive consequences that are the result of losing weight, and write them down. For example: “After losing weight, I will have a greater self-esteem”, “After losing weight, I will have a greater confidence”, “After losing weight, I will be healthier and live longer”. Read the list every morning - soon, the positive feelings will be automatically associated with the process of losing weight and you will approach it with much positive attitude.

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Keith @ My Body Fat December 16, 2009 at 11:23 am

Fat loss success is definitely all in the planning and making sure that your kitchen shelves are always filled up with the healthy foods that are contained in your diet plan.
I think most people have neither got a strong mindset or they haven’t, I have and always will eat junk food. But my making and planning my meals in advance, the temptations are not there and when I stay away from the junk food I lose fat. I’ve lost over 40 pounds of fat so far, but that’s all down to the planning and making sure the temptations are not there.
People with weak mindsets can succeed, if the temptations are not there.

Patrick Kallie December 24, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Loosing weight in my opinion is 20 percent exercise and about 80 percent diet. You could run 20 miles a week, but if your are eating the wrong kinds of foods you will never get in shape. That was the ay that I lost over 70 pounds.

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