Five Tips To Make Your Fat Loss Program More Livable

November 24, 2008 · 5 comments

This is a guest post by Shannon Clark from The Workout Insider.

When it comes to fat loss programs, one of the biggest reasons why people fail in their efforts at weight loss is simply because they can’t seem to stick with the program. Either cravings start creeping in, their busy schedule crowds out their workout, or the fat loss plan wasn’t something that they could realistically follow in the first place – whatever the reason, two weeks into the program and they’re off searching through the pantry for something to eat – something that’s not on the diet, of course.

To help combat this and increase the chances that you maintain your diet and exercise program long enough to actually see some results, you should try to incorporate some of the following tips.

All are designed to make your weight loss program more tolerable, yet still keep its effectiveness with regards to fat loss.

Fat Loss Tip #1: Pre-Pack Your Snacks
Being unprepared is a very common reason people fall off their diets. If you wind up stuck in a meeting at work and a basket of bagels and croissants is being passed around, chances are you’re going to dish yourself up one.

Instead, plan ahead for times like these and always have some ready-to-eat snacks on hand, stashed away in your desk, in your car, or even in your purse or bag.

Good examples of snacks would be pop-open cans of tuna and whole grain crackers, trail mix, a low-sugar protein bar, low-sodium beef jerky, or protein powder mixed with water alongside a handful of nuts.

Each of these will provide a more lasting source of energy and won’t throw your diet off course.

Fat Loss Tip #2: Plan For Weekly ‘Cheats’
If a diet has to be so incredibly strict that you absolutely must follow it 100% of the time to see any degree of results, chances are that diet is not designed properly.

In every diet there should be a good 10-20% of ‘wiggle’ room – room where you can play around and have some of the foods you enjoy.

That said, obviously you can’t get out of hand with this, so planning for a once-a-week cheat meal where you will indulge is a good technique.

If you know ahead of time that you have a big party to go to on Saturday night, make that night your cheat meal. This way you won’t stress about derailing your diet and can actually enjoy yourself stress-free at the party.

Likewise, if you and your significant other typically go out for a relaxing dinner one night a week, that can be your cheat meal. Having this in there will help you stick with your diet the rest of the time since you know soon enough you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings.

Fat Loss Tip #3: Break Your Workouts Up
Another way to make your life easier with regards to your workouts is to break them up into two sessions. Sometimes it can be hard to make it for a full hour at the gym after work, so consider taking a walk during your lunch hour and then stopping for thirty minutes after work to do some strength training.

Not only does this break up your day better, but you’ll get the benefits of increased metabolic rate twice per day, along with the appetite decreasing benefits exercise has.

Thinking that you absolutely must do your workout altogether in one session is a big mistake. This applies for cardio too – you can certainly split a longer cardio session up into two if it makes your life easier.

Fat Loss Tip #4: Find An Active ‘Buddy’
Since all of us have a need to socialize throughout the week, try to socialize with others who are leading an active lifestyle.

By doing so, the chances that they’re receptive to suggestions that you get out and do some form of activity rather than just sitting around visiting are higher.

If you can make your workout work double-time – increase your fitness level and help you see your friends, you’re really one step ahead of the game.

Fat Loss Tip #5: Get Help From A Certified Trainer
Finally, the last tip is to make sure you are getting help from a certified trainer in your area. If you are not on a proper program, you could be spending time in the gym performing exercises that aren’t really going to help you out a great deal, which could be omitted from your workout.

By investing in at least one session with a certified personal trainer, you’ll be sure you are doing exercises that will help you with the goal of fat loss, while also keeping your workouts on the shorter side if need be.

So, be sure you’re keeping these five fat loss tips in mind as you go about your weight loss program. Maintaining a workout and diet plan over the long haul is often the biggest determinant of success with regards to keeping the weight loss off, so something you should pay close attention too.

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weight loss November 24, 2008 at 9:18 am

Great post. I think the 2 biggest problems we have is consistency and results. Unfortunately most people want quick results which don’t exist and because of this quit early. Its all about persistence. If its a good weight loss plan , stick with it and it will work. Check out my related posts at:

Keep up the good work

The truth about Burning fat November 24, 2008 at 9:30 am

Good solid information. The only thing I would add is to drink lots of water.

Tom Rooney November 24, 2008 at 11:37 am

Great tips John. Shannon seems to know her stuff. I need to pay attention to the first tip, because I don’t plan my snacks well and find that I stray even when I know that I’ve been doing well.

Sadie November 28, 2008 at 4:13 pm

I find it much harder to maintain a strict diet when you have “cheat days”… Once I cheat on my diet on a Friday or Saturday (usually), it’s much harder to get right back on a strict diet immediately after the cheat. That’s usually where my diet plans fail (cheat days)… For me, it’s better just to not cheat at all, because once I cheat one day, I’m more tempted to cheat the next day, or maybe the day after… just my two cents :-)

Yep, as I was saying to Israel, what works for one person may not work for another. You have to know yourself and what works for YOU.

Andrew is getting fit December 5, 2008 at 1:18 am

Some good tips in there, especially number 1!

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