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October 15, 2008 · 1 comment

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I am fortunate enough to have a few sponsors on this website that help me pay my hosting and other expenses. I’ve decided to introduce a new category of post here called “Sponsor Spotlight” where I will highlight one of my sponsors as a “Thank You.” First up is WeightView.

Now I will admit to being a little skeptical when I was first approached by WeightView to be a sponsor on my weight loss blog. WeightView describes itself as a digital and personalized motivational tool that uses the power of visualization to help to achieve weight loss success. Interestingly enough, I was contacted by WeightView shortly after my post about paint-on abs and my initial reaction to their product was that it was more of the same.

I mean, how could a Photoshopped photo of you being skinnier possible help you lose weight? Even if it is free?

It turns out that motivation comes in all forms and for some that is in the form of a photo of what you could look like. And that’s what forms the core of WeightView. You send them a picture of fat old you and they will send back a photo that is digitally enhanced and shows you what you might look like 5,10 or even 20 pounds lighter (no 100 pounds light option yet!). This picture then helps motivate you as you embark on your own journey from fat to fit.

So far over 96,000 people have tried their service. Now I will admit that even though I am struggling to find motivation that I have not yet sent in my picture. Partly because they don’t offer that 100 pound lighter option but also partly because I personally don’t think it would work for me. But here’s the deal, I don’t really know, do I? Who is to say it wouldn’t work for you?

I’ll tell you what impresses me about their service and that is their “Press Clippings” page. In addition to the Rachel Ray video below they also show clips featuring WeightView on many news shows, and even the Early Show.

WeightView as seen on Rachel Ray:

In addition to offering these motivating images they also are building a community of like-minded indivudals using visualization to help motivate themselves to lose weight.

Do like 96,000 others and give this free service a try. And tell them John sent you!

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Build Muscle Guy October 15, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Hey, I personally believe that envisioning yourself as you would like to become is essential. I think we gradually shift towards becoming who we think we are. If that’s true, why not imagine yourself as a ripped, healthy individual?

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