Aquasana Water Filters

July 18, 2008 · 1 comment

Disclaimer: While this is not a paid review Aquasana has offered to provide a prize to be used in a contest giveaway. Nonetheless, my opinions are my own.

Aquana Water Filters

A key part of my journey from fat to fit is drinking a lot of water. At least a gallon a day if I can. I’ve noticed that when I can drink a lot of water that it keeps me fuller so I eat less, and things seem to “flow through my system” better than if I don’t drink. While I do indulge in a diet soda or a bottle of Lipton White Tea Ice Tea occasionally, for the most part I like to stick to basic water.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think much about the purity of the water I drink. I’ve seen the articles talking about how bottled water is often nothing more than tap water, and I know I have a filter in the water dispenser of our refrigerator, that’s about all I know. Or did know, until I start learning a little bit from Aquasana.

I was interested to learn that there are three primary water treatment alternatives. Reverse osmosis, which is primarily useful in desalinating seawater, although people have tried using it for tap water. Distillation, which is the process of applying heat to water to remove canaminaents, but which does not remove chlorine because of its lower boiling point. Filtration, which has emerged in the last two decades as the forerunner of water treatment technology due to its use of both chemical and physical processes to block contaminant passage.

Aquasana is a leading provider of water filters for the home. Their most popular product is a combo pack which includes a drinking water filter for your sink and a shower filter system for your shower. Interested in water filtration but are hesitant to spend your hard-earned cash for a combo pack? Good news! I’m holding my Soap & Water giveaway contest through the end of July, 2008. The grand prize is a free combo pack from Aquasana, valued at $199.99!

Home water filters are a good, economical and convenient way of getting truly healthy water. Visit Aquasana to learn more.

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