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June 26, 2008 · 3 comments

A Bottle of Juice and a Free Sample
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I was recently contacted by the PR department at Fizzy Lizzy with an opportunity to sample their sparkling juice and to write a review of their product. I said I would agree to do so on the condition that they understood my review would be honest and that if I didn’t like their juice I would still write the review. As you would expect from a good PR department they said that was what they would want but that they were confident I would like it.

So a few days later a 4-pack of a sampling of Fizzy Lizzy sparkling juice showed up at my door (along with a very professional press kit) and I have now drunk all four bottles and am prepared to pass judgement.

First though, a little background on the company. According to the information in the press kit Fizzy Lizzy was started by founder and CEO Liz Morrill about seven years ago after she realized that she was probably not the only person carrying around bottles of fruit juice and seltzer water and that there may be others who would enjoy the convenience of having those two bottles mixed into one. So as lots of companies start she took that idea and applied some packaging and marketing (not to mention some mixologists) and came up with a line to compete with the big boys. Fizzy Lizzy describes themselves as the “nimble underdog in a world of gigantic sameness.” I used to drink Izze sparkling juice when I ate at Noodle’s and my kids still do, so I am familiar with at least one of their competitors.

So what did I think about the juice? First of all, I really liked the packaging. It was cool that in the sample kit they sent me they had each bottle individually wrapped in bubble wrap but they still included a flattened cardboard 4-pack container so that I could see how the whole package looked, and I thought it looked fun and different. I think fun is probably a theme for the company - how else could you explain this command on the neck of the bottle: “Gently shake my hips before placing bottle to your lips.”

The product differentiator behind Fizzy Lizzy is their use of all natural ingredients. Their slogan is “no gunk, no junk.” According to one story I read, “if an ingredient has more than three syllables you probably won’t find it in Fizzy Lizzy.”

Fizzy Lizzy comes in 8 flavors:

Costa Rican Pineapple
Lone Star Grapefruit
Northern Lights Cranberry
Red Hill Pomegranate
Gulf Coast Tangerine
Mount Fuji Apple
Pacific Raspberry Lemon
Yakima Valley Grape

The flavors in bold are what I was sent to try. I very much liked them all with the Tangerine being my favorite.

So does that mean I am going to stock up my fridge with Fizzy Lizzy? Not quite. While the products are natural they do still have sugar, and according to their faq they have no plans to make a diet version:

Will Fizzy Lizzy make a diet version?

Probably not. As you can imagine, diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners and we prefer to stick with a juice that is simple, pure and natural. Not to mention, recent studies have shown that drinking diet beverages is correlated with gaining weight. We absoltely encourage people to enjoy healthful lifestyles and watch their diets. All-natural Fizzy Lizzy can fit into any diet in moderation. There’s no reason you can’t adore Fizzy Lizzy just the way she is. Millions already do.

Their 12 ounce bottles range in calories from 90 for the pineapple to 165 for the raspberry lemon. As with anything, in moderation these juices would make a fine treat. But for the vast majority of your fluid intake you should be focusing on plain old water. All-natural products or not those calories would add up quickly.

Bottom line? I liked Fizzy Lizzy and would order it as a treat or maybe even a mixer.

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MizFit June 28, 2008 at 8:20 am

love the slogan as well yet am with you on the waiting for a lower calorie version….


Sounds like they aren’t planning on making one though…

Lose weight for life June 30, 2008 at 5:37 am

yeah if it tastes great then is a perfect reward drink. But at 165 calories it should be drunk sparingly.

Taylor March 27, 2009 at 9:45 am

I used to drink Fizzy Lizzy and then I came across something in Ikea called Kristian Regale which is sparkling juice from Swedish family recipes, or so they say. What initially sold me is that they have lite varieties, but now I am hooked on the flavor. Have you ever tried their products?

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