No More Rusty Dumbells

February 7, 2008 · 13 comments


My three largest dumbells are 25, 35 and 45 pounds.  When I started this weight loss journey back in August I already had a small set of rarely used dumbells ranging in size from 5 to 25 pounds.  You will notice that the 25 pound one looks rusty.  That’s because it is.  I bought these nice dumbells and then never used them.  Until I needed to weigh down a tarp on our deck that was covering our deck furniture over the winter.  That’s what my 25 pound dumbell was used for the last couple of winters.  A dead, rusting weight.

No more.  Now I lift it occasionally.  And I am getting stronger.  A few months ago I bought the 35 pound dumbell and just today I added the 45 pounder.

I have a lot more weight to lose and muscle to gain, but buying bigger weights sure is a good feeling I am doing something right.

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AndrewE February 8, 2008 at 1:46 am

Glad to hear you are doing some weights John. Try incorporating some squats as the squat is the king of all exercises.

If you’ve only got dumbbells then try goblet squats. Doing weights really has helped my own weight loss.

Daissy February 8, 2008 at 11:03 am

I prefer to jogging or walk rather than dumbells lifting…I never enjoy this kind of exercise because it’s different with jogging. While jogging I can enjoying the view, the fresh air, and meet peoples…That’s what I cannot find in dumbells lifting.

Diana the Scale Junkie February 8, 2008 at 1:14 pm

yay for progress and avoiding lockjaw

kathyj333 February 8, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Yea. I’m glad you’re lifting weights. I love working out. Some days it’s hard to get started, but I’m always glad I did it when I’m finished.

Steve v4.6 February 8, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Good going! Transference of weight from belly to dumbbell is a thing of beauty.

JoLynn Braley February 8, 2008 at 7:17 pm

John, you’re doing awesome, keep it up!! :)

Cammy February 8, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Excellent progress! I just made it to 25-lb chest presses after seven months, so I’m awed by 45-lb. weights. I suspect I won’t be seeing those anytime soon. Unless I need to weigh down a tarp, that is. :)

good going!

TB-Milwaukee February 8, 2008 at 10:13 pm

How do you keep the tarp held down now??

IAAdmin February 9, 2008 at 12:24 am

This is great news. I guess this is the difference between men and women. I’m happy with my five pound weights……..:)

(Although, I may go to 10lbs at some point.)

chilli February 9, 2008 at 11:56 pm

hey there! seems like we’re having the same goal! according to the graph you’re doing one hell of a good job. i’m not exactly fat but at the moment i’m trying to get rid of my belly fat. after i went from 92kg to 72kg i still have some annoying rind left…
keep on rockin’ and always remember the quote on my blog ;)

Misha February 10, 2008 at 3:01 pm

“How do you keep the tarp held down now??”

I just laughed hard enough to lose a few ounces. If you really need something to hold down the tarp, maybe cleaning the junk food out of the pantry and throwing it on there will help. :)

john - from fat to fit February 12, 2008 at 7:35 am

Haha, that was a good one TB. Well, to answer you seriouslly, I am using a combination of junk like old anvils, marble table tops, clamps, and umbrella bases. Not as ugly as it sounds with all of the snow covering it!

Steve v4.6 February 12, 2008 at 12:36 pm

How cool is it that exercise gear is so easily re-commissioned to alternative uses? If I could have somehow rigged my treadmill to press my pants and shine my shoes I never would have sold it. As it was, “laundry valet” wasn’t enough to keep it around.

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