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Legends of Weight Loss

Someone commented on here recently that I was a legend and an inspiration.  OK, I'll accept that when I do things like run two miles I might be an inspiration to some, but a legend doesn't eat cookies like I've been eating cookies.  A legend doesn't polish off the damn Williams Sonoma peppermint bark like I just did.  I'm FAR from a legend.  I may never get there.  I dream of one day even being able to wonder if I could be a legend.

There are legends out there though.  Here are some of my Legends of Weight Loss:

Pasta Queen (Jennette Fulda) from Half of Me.  It was her blog that inspired me to start this blog.  Half of Me was the first entry in my blogroll.  I love reading the older posts in her archives, they are very inspirational.  A few years ago she weighed 372 pounds and in a little more than two years she had shed half that, down to 186.  She's a legend in my eyes not just for that success, but her great writing.  Her upcoming book Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoiris available on pre-order.

Shauna Reid from The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.  Like PastaQueen, Shauna lost half of herself too, from 351 pounds down to 175.5.  She blames Nutella for her weight gain.  I can relate to that.  She's got archives going back to 2001 when she started.  That's commitment.  That's legend material.  Plus, she has a book out too.

Jan B from Just a Mom, That's More Than Enough.  Jan started her journey last year at 272 pounds and just recently marked her most recent milestone at 160, for a total loss of 112 pounds.  I love how open Jan is, including posting pictures and sharing other intimate details.  People need to see that sort of thing.  She's a legend for sure.

Tony from Guess How Much I Weigh.  There are not nearly as many guys out there blogging about weight loss as are women.  And most of them don't have the success Tony has had, going from 288 last January to 214 this December.  2007 Fatblogger of the Year Tony is a legend to me for his results, his dedication and his humility.  I think he'll hate me calling him a legend, but there you go Tony - you are truly an inspiration.

There are others, but that's a good start.  These four weight loss bloggers are inspirational and deserve to be called Legends.

Who are your Legends of Weight Loss?

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