November 2007

Tollwood Winter Festival - Munich

November 30, 2007

My hotel in Munich is right next to Theresienwiese, an open-air park that is the official grounds for Oktoberfest.  A couple of months late for that festival, I have to settle for Tollwood, a Winter Festival taking place on the same grounds. Stop reading right now if you hold the least bit of respect for [...]

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Safe and Sound in Munich

November 29, 2007

I arrived to a chilly Munich tonight, finally settling into my hotel at about 9:30.  It is noticeably colder here than London (big shock, duh) but I was surprised to see the actual temp is only a couple of degrees below zero - it felt a lot colder than that. Having run on 3 days [...]


London Observations

November 28, 2007

I lived in South Africa for a year when I was ten.  On the way home we first stopped in Australia for a month and I’ll never forget the feeling I got seeing those big American cars driving around Melbourne after a year of not seeing them in South Africa. I felt a little of [...]


Adieu Paris

November 27, 2007

I leave Paris for London this afternoon. I leave Paris happy not only for some great memories of a fun vacation with my wife but also happy for some validation that I am indeed a changed man. I put in over 9 miles over 3 days of running here, something I simply could not have [...]


I’m Eating A Lot Of Bread

November 26, 2007

We spent most of the day yesterday exploring the Hotel Invalides which includes Napoleon’s Tomb and an incredible Museum featuring Arms and Armor as well as World War I and II history.  It was very moving seeing old movies of Charles de Gaulle being welcomed as he strolled up the Champs-Élysées, talking the same walk that [...]


Weekly Update - 11/25/2007

November 25, 2007

Diet starting weight: 295 Week starting weight: 269 Today’s weight:? Week weight loss: ? lbs Total weight lost: 26 lbs Can’t do a traditional update because I don’t have my trusted scale with me in Paris (or any scale, for that matter). But I must say I do feel thinner. My goal is to come [...]


Paris Is Expensive And Other Brilliant Observations

November 24, 2007

Paris only made #13 on the list of the World’s Most Expensive Cities (with London at #2, great - I’ll be there a couple of days this week), but with the declining dollar everything is 50% more expensive, which is really brutal.  Ordinarily we’d do a lot of Christmas shopping on a trip like this but [...]


French Breakfast

November 23, 2007

We are staying at the Hotel Concortel on rue Pasquier in Paris. Breakfast at the hotel is a standard continental, which means lots of bread, which I am trying to stay away from. This is what comes with breakfast: Freshly squeezed orange juice Hot drinks Basket of baked goods (croissants, bread, cake, Danish pastries, etc.) [...]

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Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds

November 22, 2007

Without a doubt one of my favorite snacks is a handful of Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds. A serving of 28 almonds is 170 calories, of which 140 is fat. I have to say I was pretty happy to read somewhere that almonds made a good healthy snack. If it isn’t true, don’t tell me! I [...]

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