Started Week 2

September 28, 2007 · 5 comments

On Tuesday I officially started Week 2 of the Couch-to-5k running program that is the basis for my cardio workouts. 

5k Week Date Incline Warmup Walk Jog Time Miles KMs
2a 9/25/2007 2% 3.5 3.0 5.0 37 2.34 3.77
2a 9/26/2007 2% 3.5 3.0 5.0 37 2.33 3.75
2a 9/27/2007 2% 3.5 3.0 5.0 37 2.33 3.75

I am warming up with a 5 minute walk at 3.5mph then alternating 90 seconds of jogging at 5.0mph with 2 minutes of walking at 3.0. I repeat this for 9 intervals with the last walk being an extra 30 seconds to get me to 37 minutes exactly.

The first day was pretty tough; I wanted to quit a couple of times. Wednesday was a little easier but there was a couple of times my heart rate got up to 188 according to my treadmill, which is actually above my maximum heart rate.  Probably shouldn’t be doing that!  If it’s true, who knows with the treadmill.  My range for these workouts is normally between 145 and 165. Yesterday was pretty easy - my legs felt heavy toward the end but I made it through fairly easily, even pumping my arms like Rocky through one running interval as Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell played on my MP3 player.

I spent 4 weeks on Week 1 of the program and I am in no rush to get out of Week 2.  I’m hoping to get another day in this week and then next week I think I’ll start upping my walking pace. 

Slowly and surely I’ll get there.

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GroovyBabe September 28, 2007 at 12:21 pm

Be careful with your heart rate. I’m not sure what it can safely go up to but I’d not push it above what it says on the machine… I know mine is 122-153 so I always try to keep it within these ranges, in fact if it gets near to 150 I make a point of slowing it down. Mind you, as you get fitter it will lower itself anyway. I’m hard pressed to get it past 137 these days.

You’re doing great work with the exercise!

john - from fat to fit September 28, 2007 at 1:18 pm

I’m looking into proper heart rate monitors that I can strap on while running, I really question the accuracy of the treadmill.

GeorgieGirl September 28, 2007 at 5:33 pm

I’m glad I’m not the only one finding the need to stretch the program out. I know it says from couch to 5K… but I think that is a huge stretch, unless it’s geared toward fairly fit couch potatoes LOL fit couch potatoes lol Ok, so I laugh at my own stupid stuff. Anyway, I’m looking into a strap on heart rate monitor too. I’m doing most of my program outdoors… no elliptical heart monitor in tow. I’d like to hear your opinion of the strap on type.

john - from fat to fit September 29, 2007 at 5:49 am

Well you laugh but I think based on my experience so far it is clear there is a difference between your average couch potato and someone like me who is over 100 pounds overweight. I see no problem at all with stretching the program out and in fact if it turns out those heart rates re accurate I’ll certainly need to. But that’s totally OK. I sweat on average almost twice a day, and I’m getting in more than an hour a day of exercise. I want to be able to a run a 5k confidently of course but I am really looking for the weight loss gains, and that is what I am seeing.

I’ll report back once I figure out which heart monitor I’m going to get. I just bought a pedometer that hasn’t arrived yet, then I’ll look into the next gadget.

Which reminds me, I just realized I can’t say I am 100 pounds overweight anymore. Cool!

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