New Drivers License

August 31, 2007

I’ve had a draft post queued up for awhile now regarding my new drivers license, and PastaQueen’s Looking good under fluorescent lights has prompted me to write about it.  First though, go read her story.  She has a before and after picture of her drivers licenses that are amazing.

I managed to lose my drivers license at the end of July.  I am quite sure it is around the house somewhere because I remember having it in my shirt pocket at one point and then I forgot about it for a couple of days.   I checked the laundry, the couches, etc but nothing has turned up. 

I started this blog at 295 pounds on August 1st.  My license said 270 which was actually my weight when I had last renewed, so I was honest.  The DMV stores your picture on file so I didn’t have to take a new picture but they did ask me to complete the form with the info including eye color, height and weight.  Even though my weight had dropped to 292 (big loss, eh?) I still wrote down 295.  I wanted that drivers license to represent my starting point.

Because I lost the license I still have to renew on my normal schedule, which is next summer.  I’ll weigh myself that morning and be 100% honest when I complete the form.  I’m not going to speculate what my weight will be then but if all goes to plan I should be half way to goal or so.  I am really looking forward to getting my license renewed!  Crazy, I know.

Maybe I’ll surprise myself and have a story like PastaQueen’s by then.

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