Habits are hard to break

August 24, 2007 · 1 comment

I’m out of town on business Thursday and Friday, my first travel since I started this journey at the start of this month.  This is actually a very light travel month for me, so I was glad to get the opportunity to try out my new found resolve.

The results have been so-so.  One thing I did well was that I planned my strength training around this trip so that I would not miss a day - this Saturday will mark two straight weeks of sticking to my strength training plan.

When I’m out of town for work my night routines are pretty much the same.  I’m either out drinking and eating with a group from work or more likely I am back in the hotel room having room service.  I’ll usually work late, until 6 or 7 maybe, walk back to the hotel, change into sweats and order up dinner while I relax with a little television.  I’ve traveled approximately 350,000 miles the last six years so I’ve gone through this routine quite a bit.

Prior to leaving for this trip I resolved to do better.  I brought a few Kind Fruit & Nut Bars with me which was the first tip in Jason’s Diet tips for business travellers.  Last night I worked until 7 and got back to the hotel about 7:30.  I had been up since 4:30 and knew I was going to be going to bed early, probably within a couple of hours.  I was not really all that hungry having had a fruit bar at about 5:00.  Yet I instinctively reached for the room service menu.  And while I was moderately good, ordering a bowl of soup and a light sandwich, I wolfed it down quickly and was asleep within 90 minutes.

I didn’t need that food - I was not even close to really hungry.  I should have had a bottle of water, brushed my teeth and got under the sheets.  I didn’t do that because I have a habit that I let get the best of me.  I’m hoping by acknowledging the monster that I’ll slay him next time. 

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GeorgieGirl August 25, 2007 at 11:41 am

Don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m new to this, but we all know we can learn from our little mistakes and do better next time.

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