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August 13, 2007 · 2 comments

I’m pointing to another relevant Jason Calacanis posting, diet tips for business travellers, because business travel is one of my killer weaknesses and Jason has posted some good thoughts on the subject.  I suspect Jason travels far more than I do (I average a couple of trips a month) so I value his opinion and suggestions.

1. Bring a bunch of fiber bars, protein bars, and fruit with you. You’re gonna be faced with bad food options at the airport and at your destination. Given this I try to eat BEFORE I get to the airport and BEFORE I get to a conference. I’ll eat an apple and or protein bar on my way from the hotel to a conference or while driving to the airport. If you walk into the candy shop already hungry you’re chances of making a big mistake go waaaaaaayyyyyy down.

This is definitely something I need to start doing.  Not sure how well the fruit transports, but protein bars seems like a good idea.

3. Do laps at the airport. When I get to the airport I’ll go my gate and ask when they plan on ending the boarding process. They will be honest with you I’ve found. I then go for a long walk in the airport with my bags. If I’ve got 20 minutes to kill I can walk from one end of the airport to the other. I’ll go buy a coffee or a magazine at the other end to set a goal for myself. The bonus for this is of course that you’ve done 20 minutes of light exercise prior to getting on the flight where you will not move for a long time.

This is something I have actually already been doing, and frankly with all the delays I’ve been faced with this summer, I have been doing it a lot!

5. Do some light exercise in your room. Push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks don’t require you to put on gym clothes and make the big trip to the gym. You can do 5-15 minutes of these in your room when you wake up and go to bed and, again, at least get a mini workout. Sometimes I’ll throw the TV on and do 3-5 sets of 100 jumping jacks while watching TV. You’ll be amazed at how your heart rate goes up when doing jumping jacks.

For the sake of the neighbors in the room below, I probably should hold off on the jumping jacks until I’ve lost some weight. :-)

 There are two keys areas that Jason doesn’t mentioned that I struggle with - group dinners and room service.  When a bunch of us go out it typically turns into drinking and eating and socializing, and the drinking and eating gets me into trouble. I’ve got to learn to find ways to say no thanks and to keep away from the bread baskets, which of course is no different than every day.  And room service really does me in - way too easy to order too much food and then eat it all because you are by yourself and nobody is looking.  I don’t know that no room service is an option because often I am working in the hotel after work and simply don’t have the time for a nice relaxing and slow private meal in a restaurant.  But maybe I should make the time.

Jason offers some good tips for the business traveler that I hope to apply on my next trip this month.

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GeorgieGirl August 14, 2007 at 3:13 pm

Ohmygosh! These are great tips! I’m not a business traveler, but I travel a lot… four months out of last year I was away from home.

The last time I was at the airport in Denver I opted to walk instead of using the conveyer system. When I got to my gate I realized I need to get more exercise LOL Hopefully the next time I’m in way better shape to walk the distance.

As far as the room service, I’m all for you taking the time for you! This is the rest of your life you are working on, you deserve better than room service!

Michelle August 17, 2007 at 11:06 am


I travel a decent amount myself (for work and pleasure) and have found apples and pears to be pretty friendly to transport. I go bananas if I don’t have my daily banana, so I actually put these in a container so they don’t bruise. I sometimes bring cut up pineapple as well for the plane and will research if the hotel I’m staying at will have a fridge in the room. There have been plenty of trips that I have come across grocery stores (or mini-marts), so I’ve gotten a few items there too.

Don’t know if you like oatmeal, but a stable for me has been the Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal. I usually grab extra spring water from the conference/meeting, heat the water in the mini coffee maker, and wa-la, instant oatmeal. Granted, you have to remember to bring paper bowls with you…but can improvise and use one of the styrofoam cups the hotel provides…

As for room service, I just don’t do it. It makes me get out of the room for 30 minutes or so (walking) to find either a Subway, Wendy’s (I have a meal in which I know the calories), or, I talk to the consierge ahead of time to find what restaurants are in the area and for their menus. I sometimes call-in an order for pick-up and walk to get it (again, to get a bit of physical activity and a break from working nights).

Hope these help!

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