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Back in 2001 I went on the Atkins diet.  At the time I weighed about 275.  Atkins was the first diet I had ever been on that I was able to stick to, and I saw results - I got down to around 235.  I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror and seeing ribs for the first time in awhile.  People at work noticed and gave me compliments.  I told me wife it was amazing how easy the diet was, even when dining out.  Even at fast food joints.  I bought a couple of XL sweaters.  Unless you are a guy who is as big as I am you have no idea how amazing that is to buy an XL rather than a XXXL.  Not to mention it being a sweater.  I needed sweaters because I was finding myself cold without all the blubber!

Then for some reason which I don’t remember, I stopped.  I fell right back into all the old habits and the weight came back and then some.  I wish I knew why.

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poundslayer August 6, 2007 at 8:52 am

I can only imagine what my ribs look like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. Maybe once in junior high school LOL. That sounds amazing, to have lost that much weight and have everyone notice. I hope I get there.

I think the deal with Atkins, and a lot of other diets, is that you can lose weight, but the diet is not sustainable for a lifetime. So, when you go off the diet, and the lifestyle structure and accountability aren’t there anymore, the weight comes back on.

It’s like this doctor said on TV “Anyone can lose weight eating only cabbage soup, but you can’t eat cabbage soup forever.”

I really admire your candor. And I enjoy reading your blog!

Angela August 7, 2007 at 12:56 pm

I did Atkins too. Loved them chicken wings. And the eggs! And the sausage!

But after a while….eh… kinda gross.

kathyj333 August 7, 2007 at 1:08 pm

I know what you mean. You’re going along great, and then for no real reason, you just stop. I don’t know why I do it either. It’s almost like a self-sabotaging behavior: “Things are going too good, there must be something I can do to make sure I never reach my goal. Oh, maybe I can just do nothing.”

Aynz August 8, 2007 at 4:45 am

I did Atkins for a while too and lost about 36 pounds. But like you piled the weight back on. The problem with Atkins is that it is not a long term diet, it is meant for people to lose weight fairly quickly and as this happens your muscle mass is not in check with the rest of your body and is unable to burn fat and keep it off as effectively than if you were on a regular diet combined with a fitness routine.

The other problem with Atkins is that it is not a typical way of eating it is all low carbs and high in fat. This is not how normal people eat so as a result you are not re-educating yourself on the correct way to eat bearing in mind that when you lose weight you want to keep it off as well and the only way to do that is to exercise often and eat sensibly.

I now realise that to lose weight and to keep it off it is a lifestyle choice and as boring as it may seem regular exercise and healthy eating is the answer.

Hope this helps you understand why you may have put the weight back on.

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