Gastric Bypass

August 4, 2007 · 1 comment

I happened to be on the periphery of a conversation last night between a couple of people sharing their Gastric Bypass success stories.  One of the guys I had seen before when he was big, over 400 pounds.  I didn’t recognize the other, who had said he had lost 115 pounds.  He was probably middle fifties or so and looked to me like any other normal guy that age with a bit of a gut, but that was about it.  The guy I knew looked unbelievably different from when I had seen him last.  He said he had dropped 210 pounds.  He’s probably about 6’4″ and I think he had said he was at 220.  He really looked great, and sure as hell looked healthy.  He said is wife had also had GP and had good success as well.  It sounded like exercise (duh!) played a major part in the success.

I know myself well enough to know that GP isn’t for me.  My will-power is so bad, my routines so fixed, my savings so depleted and my love of eating so great that I know I’d be stretching that little stomach out again in no time.  And falling right back into the bad patterns. 

What’s weird is that when I quit smoking I just went cold turkey and that was it.  Granted, I was only smoking a pack a week or so, but still.  Why can’t I do that with my bad eating habits?

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The Pound Slayer August 4, 2007 at 12:48 pm

I’m also in the “don’t want surgery” boat, even though I have a mammoth amount to lose. But for me it’s because when I finally get fit, I want that “Yay me!” feeling of having done it all by myself.

Thanks for the add! And I admire you for posting your weight on your site. I am not brave enough to do that yet. Maybe when I lose a few pounds I will post my starting weight and how much I’ve lost.

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